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Thorzt Sugar Free Shot Load

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Restore your body-water balance the healthy way by replacing lost electrolytes and salts with your fluids using THORZT Sugar Free Electrolyte Mix. The THORZT Sugar Free Electrolyte Drink range contains all the Electrolytes, Branch Chain Amino Acids and Magnesium of the Core range, but without the sugar.

Mixed with water, the Maxi Shot Electrolyte Powder Mix makes 20L. For the perfect electrolyte mix, use with the THORZT 20L Cooler.

Australian made and designed specifically to help workers stay healthy and hydrated in extreme Australian conditions.

167g Sugar Free Electrolyte Mix - Makes 20L

  • SFP20BL
  • SFP20LL
  • SFP20WB
  • SFP20TR
  • SFP20OR
Thorzt 800ml Drink Bottle