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Maxitek Fingerless MX Technician MKII MX2920HF-A

  • 1995
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Product Description:
MaxiTek MK II Half finger style, Amara
synthetic with re-inforced anti-vibe wear pads, Kevlar stitched, knuckle bar padding.
Improved Designed to protect the professional tradesman, mechanic or enthusiast from vibration, heat, cuts, bumps and abrasions
Reinforced anti-vibration 4mm Gel pads in palm
Kevlar stitched to Amara washable synthetic leather
Stretch Fabric Construction to provide snug fit for increased grip and finger control with less fatigue
Robust materials & manufacture with Kevlar stitching throughout glove for increased performance & glove life.
Technical Data:
Amara synthetic leather with re-inforced wear pads, open fingers, Kevlar stitching. Black and Yellow. Adjustable Velcro closure.
Sizes M—2L. 6 pair per Pack, 72 pair Carton.
Order Code:MX2920HF-A/Size
Maxitek Mad Max II Gloves # 120-4050

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