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LW Series Inertia Reels

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LW Series Inertia Reels

The ManSafe SRL has been developed with unique features to provide a smarter, safer and better alternative to traditional sealed SRLs.

 Smarter: LW Series patented Constant Force braking system is a frictionless braking system that won’t go out of adjustment.

Safer: The advanced Full Contact technology is 100% reliable, the user being able to check this by feeling and hearing the ‘clicking’ as the lifeline extends and retracts.

A built-in reserve line ensures a fall is arrested safely even when the cable is fully extended.

Better: Internal components are protected by rubber seals ensuring the spring locking mechanism and absorber are completely impenetrable.The modular design allows quick and easy servicing of both the cable and absorber, facilitating the opportunity for either in-house or third party service personnel to service the SRL ensuring minimal ‘downtime’.

Super robust for the most extreme environments these sealed units can be serviced in the field with minimal training. IP56 certified.

 LW Series Inertia Reels

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