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Honeywell SolarPro2™ Polarised Safety Glasses 1028650AN

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The Honeywell SolarPro 2 Polarised eliminates glare and visual distortion magnified by flat surfaces such as water, the road and steel surfaces.

Key Features

Featuring a grey polarised lens which works well in a variety of conditions, offering absolute true colour recognition without distortion, by reducing the orientated light causing glare. Fine details and true colours are seen without strain and can be worn all day with minimum eye fatigue.

  • Stylish Design to appeal to a wide range of workers
  • High gloss black frame provides a sleek look in high fashion safety eyewear
  • Retainer Cord included allows workers to hang eyewear around the neck when out of the hazard area
  • Microfiber case protects lenses and allows easy cleaning before use


  • AS/NZS 1337.1 2010 - Australia/NewZealand Standards. Medium Impact Lic 21726

Honeywell A700 Series Safety Glasses # A700 - A704


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