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Bata - Worx Slip On Safety Boot

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Anti Static
Energy Absorption
Fuel Oil Resistant Outsole
Heat Resistant Outsole

Colours: Claret #815-40150, Wheat #815-80150

Sizes 5 - 14, Half Size 6.5 - 10.5

Deep Comfort’s mushroom lamella sole design is the most effective means of increasing the ratio of surface area to mass, increasing your overall comfort due to increased impact dispersal. In addition to the Comfort Technology System®, the Deep Comfort range uses the latest technology in raw materials, design and production processes. All Deep Comfort styles use premium full grain or nubuck leather uppers. The upper designs are such to maximise both comfort and durability. The Deep Comfort’s new sole design reflects the lamella and the CTS absorption zones. The benefits can be seen with the expansion of the mushroom shaped interior button, through to the spread of the lamella zones on the distinct sole. These impact zones provide you with a more comfortable work boot that will aid and protect your feet, legs and lower back. This unique idea delivers the wearer ultimate in comfort technology and protection. With such a simple design concept Deep Comfort is now pioneering these techniques and offering them in the form of our latest range of safety boots.

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