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250 Litre Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet #MAX-FC250

250 Litre Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet #MAX-FC250

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Product Code: MAX-FC250

Unit: each

Size: 1825 x 1100 x 500mm

Product Description:

✔ 2 doors, 3 shelves
✔ Under bench storage
✔ Patented automated/sequential closing and self-locking mechanisms
✔ Panels and doors insulated with 40mm double skin
✔ Alloy contact points - no spark risk
✔ Underside base skids for ease of moving full or empty by pallet trolley
✔ Underside safety strapping to prevent cabinet tipping over
✔ High gloss powder coat finish
✔ Key lock door handles and three point latch locking
✔ Doors open 180 degrees
✔ Dual side vents
✔ Adjustable shelf height
✔ Built to comply with Australian Standards 1940

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