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Lakeland SafeGard 76 Disposable Coverall (White) SMMS428WE

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Coveralls that offer protection against hazardous dust and light splashes from low hazard liquid chemicals, this lightweight, Disposable breathable coverall is suitable for Type 5 and 6 applications.


●  Manufactured from 4 layer 55gsm polypropylene SMMS material offering improved particle barrier over 3 layer SMS.

●  Fabric features a high degree of breathability, softness and lexibility for comfort.

●  Category III (Complex) product designed for protection against hazards:

Type 5 (EN13882-1) protection against hazardous dry particles.

Type 6 (EN13034) protection against reduced sprays (light splashes and sprays) of liquid chemicals.

●  Anti-static meets the requirements of EN 1149 Part 1.

●  Meets the requirements of EN1073-2: Protection against particulate radioactive contamination.

  Available in Blue and White. 


● Protection against hazardous dusts and light splashes of low hazard liquid chemicals.

● Asbestos dust protection.

● Insulation installation.

● Wood and metal processing.

● General maintenance and cleaning applications.

● General industrial use.


Lakeland ESGP528B Lightweight Disposable Breathable Coverall (Blue)

Lakeland ESGP528 Lightweight Disposable Breathable Coverall (White)

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